Static electricity: Am I safe?

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I've seen the anti-static wrist straps on the internet but I thought I'd make my own, mainly because it's cheaper.

I'm wondering if they're a bit more technical than I thought now though.

My version is a bare wire wrapped around my wrist connected to the earth/grounded pin on a plug I found.

When plugged in to the socket I am earthed but is this good enough to prevent a build up of static electricity?

Suggestions appreciated.

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Yes that will work just fine, although I have assembled many computers without static grounding and none of them have had problems. It's all about knowledge and experience it seems like. If you feel like you are gaining a static charge at any point, then stop your work, ground yourself or rub a damp rag on your skin. I find that I never gain any static buildup in my work spaces.

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The bare wire is actually a risk. Professional anti-static straps are fused, so if you hit high current the fuse will fail and protect you from serious injury or death.

I work on PCs regularly in my home. I have a workbench set up, with no grounding straps, but the floor is anti-static plastic matting, and I have a workstation set nearby in operation that I can ground myself to if need be. To date (20 years of professional PC work) I have nuked zero PCs. Though one nuked me in 1995, due to an unfused anti-static strap.

Have fun, be safe! Sláinte!

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