ssd corsair vs. ocz

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which ssd is more reliable and performs better?



and do the s.m.a.r.t. etc. features really mater?

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I'm going to guess that you have a board that is SATA III ready and the works. :)

I found you a review with benchmarks on the Corsair. They also have the Agility 3 in there for you to compare it against in addition to some good brief descriptions of the 25nm NAND etc. I love my OCZ drives but I can tell you the truth, the Corsair is the better choice here.

I'm sure you will get a kick out of the drive. If it's your first SSD purchase feel free to ask more questions and I'm sure myself or someone else here can try their best to help. I'll give one bit of advice to start with though, if you try to benchmark it yourself don't do it numerous times. It can actually hinder the performance and longevity of an SSD if done too often. Especially if done numerous times in succession. A lot of people want to see the same numbers in reviews and it's easy to get carried away I guess haha

Best of luck mate!

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I also am an OCZ fan, but Corsair has just been just that little bit better in the SSD world. Personally, for stability, Samsung is ruling right now, but they aren't at the speed that these SSD choices are offering yet.

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Either would be fun, don't sweat it. If you still can't decide, go for the one that you believe has better service and support.

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