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I am thinking of upgrading my system to use a SSD for my OS rather than my HDD.

My motherboard only supports SATA II but I would like to use a SATA III SSD. Can someone please recommend me a good SATA III PCI-E card...

I am thinking of getting this. " Card"

Any comments?

Also I am thinking of getting the OCZ Vertex 3 drive. "".

Any recommendations?


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sounds good

if you have the chipset i would use ssd casheing

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Also, consider

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I have had excellent luck with HighPoint controllers. Very stable, and not very pricey.

Please remember that SSDs at this point cannot saturate the SATA III bus, so a lot of the slower SSDs get no benefit from the SATA III capability. Only be concerned about adding SATA III controllers if your chosen SSD can exceed the 280-300MB/s mark. The Vertex 3 and Agility 3 both push well above that level and will see a big performance boost over what you would see on SATA II.

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that is true, but the whole point in SATA III is to future proof the technology of drives. one day there will be SSD's that can take advantage of it. that being said, at this point in time I didn't care for SATA 3 for the same reasons you've explained earlier.

SATA 2 and USB 2.0 are good enough for me because by the time S3 becomes necessary I would of already built a whole new PC. I know for a fact that my Intel x25 m 80 gig SSD with a read speed of 250mb/s doesn't exceed my SATA II port bandwidth. it would of been a waste of my money to purchase a higher end board just for the few extra features I wouldn't be able to max out.

it'd be as silly as purchasing a 600hz HDTV for console gaming lol

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SATA 3 is not for future proofing. it was implemented because SSD's were capable of pushing data faster then what SATA 2 could handle. SATA 2 connection is capable of only 300MB/s (Thats mega bytes not bits). SATA 3 is capable of 600MB/s. SSD's designed for SATA 3 (today) are actually able to max out SATA 3. The reason why you dont see them do that is because 600MB/s is a theoretical "max bandwidth" you dont reach those numbers in real world situations.

SSD's are FAST! so fast its stupid (if im allowed to use that word).

To be honest I dont see why we dont just switch to Something Like a gigabit Ethernet type connection or something of that caliber thus not needing to upgrade so often and just make everything universal with it like USB. But at the same time asking for more then 600MB/s is.. well... Insane for 98% of the human population (for now).

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