SSD + 2x HDD raid 0 ?

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What is the best storage option for me?
I'm about to build a new pc and I just can't deside..
60gb vertex 2 and 2 WD Cavier Black 1tb's in raid 0
or just the ssd and the 2 WD's separate?

I'm just going to put my OS and some app's on the ssd and my games(100gb+) and other data on the 2 HDD's but.. here is the thing.. I need more than 1 tb of storage.. and i'm kind of scared to do it in a raid 0 because I really don't want to lose my data from the HDD's

can anyone help me? ;D

EDIT: if i use the ssd + 2x 1tb raid 0 do i lose the trim function?

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I don't think the preformance of an SSD justifies the price yet because capacities are so low. You're better off doing a RAID0 with the Caviar Blacks, you will still get a quick boot and have much more storage space. Backup your data regularly and you won't have to worry about HDD failures.

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If you have the money for an SSD it's a cool toy, but perhaps also look into the Seagate Momentus XT; it's a hybrid drive and almost as fast as an SDD but much much cheaper and comes in higher capacities.

But about your question; You're right about RAID 0 being less reliable for storage, so when you do want to use a RAID 0 array for storage you should have another (external) 2TB HDD you can use as a backup.
If you don't have such a backup, I'd stay away from RAID 0 and just use them side by side as regular SATA drives. Or better yet, use 1 drive internal and the other one as external backup. (You can also consider RAID 10, but you need two additional 1TB drives for that.)

Besides, storage drives don't really benefit from RAID 0 since they aren't accessed a lot anyway.