An SSD for a 1337 gaming computer

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Hi again guys!


I'm going to build an elite gaming pc, and for storage I have choden 2 WD VelociRaptors in RAID 0.

But I got interested in these new SSD's and now I wonder what SSD I should buy if I want 2 very good SSD's in RAID 0. They dont have to be more than 32GB each but they need to be blazing fast.

I have seen that atleast Corsair and Intel have their SSD's but I dont know what to choose.


Thanks a lot in advance,


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If money is not a concern, definately check out the Intel X-25E.

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I'd look at the kingstom 64gb ones-They have good lifetime+performance

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Best support is by far OCZ. They even customize firmware for YOU specifially if it doesnt work with your SSD.


The agility series is pretty good and they always run above advertised speeds. i would get the 60GB or 120GB because games are getting larger. with Firmware 1.5 you do not need to do any tweaks what so ever besides maybe some idle time once a week to maintain performance.

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