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when windows 7 starts up it show some stuff about you motherboard maybe your monitor, is it possible to disable that

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You can disable the boot splash information, but it still loads it, so no time will be saved here.

If you know the information of the hardware in the Bios you can turn off the auto settings and manually plug in everything for a faster bootup. This is so that it's not auto detecting for new hardware.

I encourage users to choose sleep as an alternative to boot. 30 ~ 60sec vs 2sec is a good deal faster and while in sleep mode it doesn't use hardly any power.

You can also install one SSD for the OS and use TRIM to maintain the speed over time. It will make the bootup faster, but you will still need to wait on the files to read into memory, system services need to be initialized, devices need to be identified and started, user’s credentials need to be authenticated for login, desktop constructed and displayed and the startup applications need to be launched.

And that just the windows part, the bios is another slow ball of wax considering all the legacy hardware that must auto detect.

Some motherboards have options like, Intel® Rapid BIOS, Boot Device Priority menus, Hard Disk Pre-Delay. And you can disable stuff like: Legacy USB, Unused I/O ports and Event logging ect..

I've been reading about issues with those Nvidia AMD motherboards lately and windows 7. If it works for you that's good, but for myself that motherboard would not have been my first pick. Try updating the Nvidia Nforce drivers.

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