Small, Light-weight LCD monitor for server use

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Hi. I bought myself a 19" CRT monitor about a couple of years ago and I used it for daily computer use before I get a 32" LCD display, since a 32" CRT HDTV monitor does not fit in a computer furniture, which has a 16" in depth. But do note that I don't care about the depth from front to back of the TV/monitor, because INO, the picture quality of the CRT monitor outweighs the thinness of an LCD monitor.

Fast forward to the present and because my server only has a VGA output and my HDTV does not have a VGA input (my 32" HDTV that I got around early 2006 does have one, which I used it for a 2007-made computer before I turn it into a server during 2008). So now the problem is, since I gave a very-heavy 32" HDTV to my loved one, I only use my CRT monitor if I need to make changes to my server that cannot be done via the use of secured shell (SSH for Linux, which allows me to access the Linux console remotely). If my changes to my server is finished (like after I make changes to the BIOS or need to reinstall the Linux operating system or make upgrades to it), I can take my CRT monitor to my bedroom closet, which gets unused. That monitor is heavy, which is why I am planning to properly recycle the monitor and I'll need a replacement.

So, what kind of LCD monitor am I looking for... Well, I am looking for a monitor that is very small and light-weight and sells at a very low cost. No, I don't need widescreen. If I do, it'll be a 30" . No, not 27 or 24, but a 30. :) Yes, that's going to be expensive (about $300+), and as for my server, I really don't want a widescreen. Besides, a monitor that is only used when I make changes to my server that cannot be done through a remote desktop or remote console access does not need to be widescreen, right? I mean, I'm talking about a monitor that gets rarely used. A handle would be nice, but it's not needed, as I don't need a monitor with a lot of features. It's just basic.

So, are tehre any basic monitors that comes as close to 10" in diagonal?

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well the closest thing to 10" would be 12 but i have a 15" 4:3 monitor as my secondary and i think it would be perfect sized for what your looking for, its relatively small and i can pick it up with my pinkie tip, its very basic and only runs VGA (Emachines E15T4) and pictures make it look bigger than it is because of its itty bitty stand
as for large gaming monitors thats up to someone else i only have a 19"

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What I use for my server are just cheapass LCDs I get on ebay for around 50 bucks. I have them everywhere. I prefer crts for serverss, but their shipping prices are way way too expensive.