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Well, I have this old motherboard and I can't figure out how to sli with it

This is the board

Problem is, that between the pci express slots if you look
there is like this card you can take out and turn around and put back in, and I wasn't into computers when this way of enabling sli was used, so I don't know how to use it, does anyone know what to do?
Thanks for the help.

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I had one of those boards once upon a time.

Honostly I can't remember 100% but i'm fairly sure you don't have to mess with the bios tho.

I think it's like you say, just switch the little card around to put in in SLI-mode, then it's just a matter of installing the cards and enabling SLI in the drivers.

Hope this helps.

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you have to enable it in the drivers

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If it's s true SLI mobo and you have the cards installed correctly than you enable SLI through the video card driver in windows.

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