sli 560 ti, 7970, or kepler

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i am getting a pc soon but dont know for sure what gpu to get. should i get a 7970, wait for kepler, or get dual 560 ti's??? if i do get the ti's which of these versions should i get, 1gb, 2gb, 448 core, or classified???

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Two 7850.

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i would wait till kepler so the prices go down in the 500 series then get a 580

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if you have the money get duel 680s

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The 7800 series video cards are very impressive and if you were to go with a couple of 7850s or 7870s it would rock, but so would a 7970. Budget it out and decide from there.

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In my opinion, you should get a single fast GPU now, then later if you ever need a performance boost...there's always an option to add another one down the road once the prices come down (or even buy another one second hand for cheaper when that time comes).

Always best to set yourself up for future upgrades, really where would you go from 2 7850's or 2 7870's? A single 7970 will last you for some time to come, even a 7950...7870's performance is off the chart...but they're releasing at a price of 350+ each.

I'd with the single fastest GPU for now and add another one down the road when needed.

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Get 680's their out performing anything atm, they underperform for certain things but not anything really related to gaming. And its only Bearly too.

You would be happy with 680's but if you can wait, people are cming out with better 680's non reference and you will be Super pleased with that alone.