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Is it worth putting to Nvidia 8800GTS 512 in SLI?

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Maybe, depends what you're paying and what games you're playing. You'd likely be better off buying a card of this generation though. What are you paying for each card?

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I would stick with GTX 560 Ti you were looking at, soon new games wont support 8800's.

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i agree with both posts. a new gen card would most likely be more powerful then 2 of those cards in sli. then once thats not enough sli your new gen card..

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No, buy a newer card. Anything above a GTX 260 will be a significant upgrade and you will be much happier.

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ok look the 8800gts has been revamped and re badged as one of the nvidia 200 series cards. which means the 8800gts still has alot of kick to it. if you can find the same model and make on ebay or somewhere else for less 100 then get it. if it does not work for you then sell them both and get what everyone else is suggesting.