Sleeping Hard Drives?

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i have two drives in my current system.
one is a 7200rpm 500gb boot drive, and the other one is a 5900rpm 2tb storage drive (barracuda green)
the storage drive is usually sleeping, and when i need to grab files from it, it revs up and operates again.

if i built a new system with an ssd and a 7200rpm storage drive, would the storage drive also sleep like this?
or is this only a behavior for "green" branded drives?
also, is there any way to have my barracuda green (or LP or whatever) on and spinning 24/7?

thanks ;)

Andy Han

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I have this happen to my Seagate external HDD and I believe Seagate has a utility that will prevent this from happening. I haven't had much experience with WD's green drives but I suspect that you should be able to change this via software.