Silverstone Fortress FT-02: Alternative

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I've been searching for cases that I'm trying to design for almost-silent computing for light gaming and music creation.

I've once had a hard time choosing between FT03 Mini and FT03 and I'd prefer an FT-03 over Mini if it had an SFX power supply while still keeping a Mid ATX form factor and remove a hot-swappable bay from the top. Plus, there does not seem to be any Mini DTX motherboards that have an FM1 socket.

I'm going to be using an integrated GPU for gaming, so I'm very happy with any high-end APU that AMD releases and I'll be waiting for the next generation APUs (Accelerated Processing Units that combine CPU and GPU in one).

So, if I could pay a $100 premium over the FT03 cases, I thought I'd like to go with SilverStone Aluminum ATX Mid Tower Uni-Body Frame Computer Case. Well, I wanted to go with mATX, but since I'll be getting good airflow from the bottom to top, I could live with that. However, it seems the aluminum does make the computer case too expensive. Does the uni-body make any difference in temperature for an AMD A8-3850?

As for expansion slots, I do need to have a PCI and PCI Express slot, which this will do for me.

For optical drive bays, I already have a Blu-Ra drive, which then I can watch movies once I uy Windows 7 for it (and no I don't care for Windows 8).

So anyway, do you think that 3 fans limited to 5V be good enough to keep the components cool while still remain quiet? I only care to game at 1280x720, so I don't want to push the GPU hard up to 1920x1080 even if 24 frames per second are still playable for me (24 FPS that low with 1280x720 does not bother me at all). I'm not going to be playing any games that would push the GPU too much.

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