Should i wait for Haswell or go with Ivybridge?

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Should i wait for Haswell or go with Ivybridge?

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How are people suppose to answer this ?
What are you running now ?

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If you have the patience to wait for the Haswell processors, then just wait for them, Maybe you get a 6 core processor (12 in total with hyperthreading) instead of the current i7 with only 4 processors (+ 4 more in hyperthreading). As we see the market today AMD is going for 8 core processors and I believe Intel will do something with that, maybe even we can get some 8 core processors with hyperthreading from Intel's Haswell technology.

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We already know what Haswell will be. 4770K is 4 core with HT. So, 8 threads. That has been public knowledge for a while now. IB-E and IB-EP will have 6-8 cores just like SB-E and SB-EP. But they will not be out for a while yet. Both mainstream Haswell and big core Ivy are expected this summer.

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You can always wait, and something better will come out. The decision as to when to jump on board is entirely yours.

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