Should i upgrade or build a new rig?

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Current rig:
AMD Phenom II x4 955 with h50 cooler
4gb of g.skill memory
radeon hd 5770
600gb WD caviar blue

so i was wondering if i should just upgrade my 2 year old pc, or just build a new one?
my new rig would be:
Core i7 3770k ivy bridge
8gb of corsair memory
radeon hd 7970
128 samsung ssd
1.5tb of seagate barracuda

If i upgrade my current pc, will my cpu bottleneck a radeon 7970?

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Well, I'd consider just upgrading, your current rig should last another year or two, upgrading your video card and maybe adding another 4gb of memory but your current rig is not that bad.

As for would your cpu bottleneck the new video card, I don't think so.

Though if you got the money to burn, unlike me, mmmm well I enjoy working on my computer so if I got the money to upgrade, I would.

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adding a ssd to your rig and have your system on it is also a good option to think of.

For the memory, I don't think you will need more than 4GB if you are just gaming. 4GB of ram will also be enough for most amateur designing works if you have any.

As for the cpu, just like what KoutaFG said, it will definitely cause no problem on gaming.

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i probably will be buying 4gb more of ram and an ssd :P
and a 7970

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Sounds like a good plan. Memory prices are so low right now that another 4GB shouldn't eat a hole in your pocket. Upgrading to an SSD and a much more powerful GPU should keep you gaming for a few years. Good luck man!

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I would just save your money when it comes to the Video Card in your machine, your motherboard wouldn't be very likely to let you take advantage of the increased throughput of PCI-Express 3.0 so you wouldn't actually gain very many FPS. Also, if you are running DDR2, get it off something like E-bay because DDR2 is insanely overpriced now days! However, the upgrade form a WD/Blue drive to a SSD will be significant, WD/Blues are not the fastest and SSD's are much more worth, just be sure to run your WD 600gb as a secondary because if you are like me, you will eat through 128GB in days! hahaha


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