Should I buy the G15 or the G110 gaming keyboard?

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Hi, I am trying to decide between the G110 or the G15 gaming keyboards. The G110 has 36 programmable macro keys G15 has 18. The G15 has a nifty little screen, the G110 doesn't. Blue vs. orange backlight? Please tell me what you guys think. Thanks in advance.



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Both are great but if you do really want to check something like time, email notifications, etc, the G15 is you only option.

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I've been using the original G15 (blue backlight and more physical macro buttons [3x18]) for about 4 years now and absolutely love it. However the screen, although I tried many third-party apps, has only been a fancy clock for me. Even though there are several games that make use of the screen, I've always found it bothering to look down during the game.

I've never used a G110, but you really can't go wrong with the G15. I may be mistaking, but I think it's the most popular gaming keyboard on the market. I know there are lots of G15 users on this forum who can also give you positive feedback for this keyboard.

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I've been using the G15 v2 (2007 ed.) for nearly a year and I can say that the screen does come in handy especially when you can quickly look down to check the time in-game without having to Alt-Tab.

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Yep 3rd g15'er here. I only got mine recently but it is a dream. The orange backlight goes well with my theme and is great for night gaming.

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G15 is much better

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I ended up getting the new G510 after stumbling upon it on Logitech's website. And I love it. Thanks for all the help guys.

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It would be nice if my keyboard had a clock. Right now I'm using a Logitech Elite LE, which is a basic media keyboard with no bells and whistles, but it works. I have to have a clock sitting on my desk to tell the time while playing a game, though.

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