Sell or Keep current Motherboard

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So I have a Foxconn Flaming Blade motherboard. I bought this motherboard because well foxconn is known for OC capabilities. I have been overclocking for around 3 years now and this board has honestly given me the best overclocks I have ever seen. My problem and biggest problem is the stability. I have had this motherboard to clock my i7 to 4.5Ghz 3 times and it ran Prime95 for 4.5hours without a problem. Then it just crashed one day and I can't get back to 4.5 but can get to 4.0. My friend has an EVGA motherboard and it overclocks SUPER EASY! but tweaking isnt as detailed as the Foxconn. And I just saw that the ASUS Rampage 3 has an automatic OC capability, which is cool but I wonder how stable it is.

So i don't know. I know my CPU is perfectly fine because I have swaped out my CPU onto my friends Motherboard and got to 4.5Ghz no problem. I love this motherboard but I want my OC!!!! haha

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EVGA also has an auto OC capability called "Dummy OC" in their BIOS. Plus their boards is very table in OC, although you can go with the Rampage III if you have enough money.