second 4870x2 or 5970

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I currently have a 4870x2 and I am getting good fps but want better would it be worth it to get another 4870x2 or get a 5970. I know the 5970 is newer and has all the latest technology but the price of another 4870x2 is much cheaper.

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another 4870X2 would be cheaper but you can get alot more out of the 5970.

the 5970 on average is about 13 frames faster in crysis on its beta drivers from a few months ago, and if you crossfire those..i have seen this guy on youtube, crossfire 5970s in crysis, 140 frames!! (yes max settings)

a 5970 doesnt take near the power to run either, compared to the 400w the 4870x2 pulls.

if i were you i would take the hit to my wallet and go for the 5970, but thats me

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Yeah, go for the 5970. Just be careful with those bloody ATi drivers. One of my gamer friends, friend, just reinstalled the whole OS because his HD5870 CF system was... the "f"-word.

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