SATA Hard Disk Hotswap Caddy

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Hi guys,
I have a file server that runs in my room, it has two 500GB WD Caviar drives running in RAID1, I have had the drives running in some cheapo plastic styled removeable / hotswappable caddies, which do their job but as they are made of plastic they are not very good at dissipating heat, and the fans are very noisy and have basically no air to move due to the design.

So I am wondering what would you guys recommend me for a hotswappable internal hard drive caddy for 2 disks or more (preferably more for scalability), since I am running in RAID one of the key features I look for are hard disk power and activity LEDs, so I can monitor how the system is performing under load and at idle.

I would also want the solution to have great heat dissipation as a well cooled hard drive will always outlive a hard drive that receives no cooling. Infact at the moment I have removed my drives from their plastic hotswap caddies/enclosures and placed them in their usual spot in the case, just behind a 120mm fan which seems to be doing an excellent job of keeping them cool.



PS. First post so hi guys!

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Sorry the one I posted doesn't support RAID