Reviving a dead laptop battery

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Hello everyone!

Long to no see isn't it... Moving along, my netbook's laptop battery has been sitting around my house for about a year not being charged or anything. Just sitting in the netbook. So I can safely assume that it has been completely drained of power for the most part.

Is there anyway I can revive the battery so that it is in good working condition again. It hasn't experienced enough recharges to come even remotely close to it's expiration. I can still run the laptop, but when I do the battery LED comes on and the laptop doesn't detect the battery.

Will just leaving it plugged in eventually "wake" the battery back up or is it a goner?

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you MIGHT be able to revive it

Put it in a refrigerator for a few days and sometimes it comes back.

Or if you are insane idiot like me then you could recharge it with a car battery.....don't take this option...I know from experience it ends poorly

Lastly you can buy some devices that claim to be able to revive it but sometimes it explodes instead.

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