Reballing vs reflow

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I have 2 HP laptops with GPU problems: one DV2000 and one DV9000. Should I reball or reflow them? Where I live the reballing costs about twice as much as the reflow. Is the extra money I pay for the reballing worth ir?

(after the reballing or reflow, they set the laptop's fan to be 100% all the time, so the problem "supposedly" doesn't appear again)

What should I do?

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new laptop. No laptop is worth putting that much work into.

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I never had that much issue with my DV8000. Just swapped out the fan with a better quality part, and she runs cool and quiet now. Did the work myself, cost around $20 US.

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Always do a re-ball, a re-flow is just reheating the solder again then allowing to dry. Sounds good right? Problem is the solder is already f*&^% up so all you're doing is re-connecting bad solder that will crack under heat. A re-ball is replacing all the solder balls with new solder. Also never go for lead solder. Why? Because lead solder is not only illegal but is worse! Lead has a lower melting point (183 c or 361 f) which no cpu, gpu or any electronic can run at. Running the fan at 100% will do nothing but waste electricity ASSUMING your computer is running within spec. Hope this helps.

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