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Raid 1 the hard drive or Solid State Drive memory is have to be same or can it be different?


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If you are RAID'ing hard drives, you always want to make sure they are the same make, model and batch number if possible. You can do JBOD where you can have varying brands and sizes, but that's not a performance RAID setup.

Andreas Hofer
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Same brand and model is the best way to go. Note that if one drive is smaller, the total amount of available space will be measured by the size of the smallest drive in the setup.

For example:


2 HDDs one 500GB and one 640GB = 500GB so you will loose 140GB. If you are not doing a hardware RAID, you could make a 500GB partition on the bigger drive and a small 140GB so that you won't loose the rest of the HDDs space. However I haven't tried that yet. As a result you would have 500-500 RAID = 500GB plus 140GB non-RAID space available.

Most manufacturers HDDs model numbers look very similar but they have a different combination of numbers and letters at the end. For example Western Digital 640GB Caviar Black xxxxAAKS and xxxxAALS. If you are not certain contact your shop of choice and ask for HDDs of same model and generation.