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I have a Dell Inspiron 530s Desktop PC.
Configuration is as follows:
Intel Core2Duo E8400 3.0GHz
250GB HDD 7200rpm
Intel G33/G31 integrated graphics 286MB
250W PSU

So my problem is the Intel integrated graphics. I want to upgrade it to either NVIDIA or ATI. But my PC is Small Form Factor (SFF) so only half height graphic cards will fit into it.

Does anyone has any suggestion for the graphic card upgrade, I do have a PCI express x16 free on the board right now.

My main purpose is gaming but I do graphic related work too. I got to know about two cards PNY Quadro FX 380 LP and Nvidia GeForce GT320. Not the problem is that GT320 is for OEM's only and Quadro is not for gaming.

So what graphic card is best for me?

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The best low-profile card I could find is the 9600gt.

Honestly your case is limiting you. I would get a replacement and then get a better card for cheaper.

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The ATI FireGL and Nvidia Quadro line are butt-kiss IMHO, it's better to get a normal gaming card. 

The 250W is only used in the 530s slim line cases. If that's true then I don't know what will fit. You will also need the low profile back plate and the card probably will need to be low profile as well.

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the dimensions of the card are such that it wont fit into the system. the dimensions of the card that will fit into the system should be 2.7 x 6.6.