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I haven't built a new computer in ages and looking to build a gaming/HTPC desktop. Uses would obviously be gaming, music, movie playback, maybe bluray burning. I toyed with the idea of picking up an alienware but not sure if the 4k starting point is the best.

I haven't really kept up on the technology as far as motherboards, chipset, memory, and graphics card.

I already have 2 SATA-II seagate HDs (1.5 tb and a 500 gb)...Although I see a lot of SSD being used for the O/S in raid 0.
As well as a Lian-LI 61 ATX case (if this will even house the cards anymore)

Looking for ideas on chipsets (AMD or intel)...i7 or phenom x6/x4?
Graphics cards (possibly 2)...ATI HD series (tv tuner is possible) and multiple not have multiple displays...I have a large DLP HDTV but may get mulitple LCD displays.
sound card if not integrated : creative 7.1 xi?
Compatible memory and motherboard
As well as something to power it all and cool it
blu-ray burner

Ideally I'd like to spend less then the 4k that alienware is starting at.
My current rig is a 2ghz athlon xp with 1 gig mem, radeon 9700 pro and just not keepin up.