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I'm going to do a new build soon, but, I don't know what cpu cooler to use, I was thinking maybe the Corsair H50, or Coolit Eco Cpu cooler, Anyone have a good Idea on what CPU cooler I should use? 

New Build,

Processor: Intel Core i7-930 Bloomfield 2.8 Ghz, and will be overclocking to 4.0

Motherboard: EVGA X-58 Classified

Case: HAF-X

PSU: Antec 1200

Ram:  Corsar Dominator-GT 6gb

Graphics Card: XFX HD 5870 XXX Edition 


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H50 or Eco are both easy to use and will suite you fine but you might not need them. What are you doing that you will se an advantage in performance going from the 3.7ghz the stock cooler can get you to the ~4.1 these coolers offer?

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