RAM/Motherboard Compatibility

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Hi everyone,

I recently purchased 16GB or Crucial Ballistix 1866MHz Tactical Tracer RAM (BLT4G3D1869DT2TX0B for reference) and I am concerned about which mobo's it will be compatible with. I read a bunch of qualified vendor lists for some boards I was considering but none of them actually say they support this particular RAM. Does this matter? A board I was eyeing was the ASUS Sabertooth AM3+ R2.0 and according to the QVL this RAM isn't supported. Does that mean this RAM will just straight up not work with this board? That seems kind of ridiculous as there are different boards that people have installed this RAM on that also apparently say it is not supported but it seems to work fine for them (they just adjust the frequency in the BIOS to push it to 1866MHz). Will instaling 4x4GB sticks actually work or will there be some problems? Is the QVL the be all and end all when it comes to RAM compatibility or does it just mean I'll have to do some tweaking in the BIOS to run it at the proper frequency?

Thanks a bunch!

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Testing and updating compatibility lists takes a lot of time and money. If the specs of the RAM fit the requirements listed on the board, chances are it will work without a problem.

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Thanks for the reply. The whole QVL seemed quite ridiculous as it only supported a few different types of RAM (some of which aren't even sold anymore) but one would think that if the speed and timings are supported than the RAM should just be plug and play. I understand that maintaining those lists would be a nightmare but if the manufacturers aren't gonna update them they might as well not even bother.

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Motherboard manufacturer can't test all model of ram here as there's 100 brands with all 2-300 different ram speed, cas and quality so it'll be impossible to test all... but like Razear said, if you're within the specs of your mobo, it should be fine and XMP is a must (but not necessary) if you want to be sure that all works fine...

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Motherboards and memory compatibility is perhaps one of the most difficult parts of a custom computer build. Sometimes when you run into problems you can tweak the voltages or relax the timings in the motherboard, but not always. It's probably best to search Google of the motherboard in question and see what other people are using in their builds. Granted even with the same memory sticks they can change the revisions and end up with something completely different and wrecking those dreams of a perfect working system out of the box. Just be sure to buy your memory from a store that you can easily return items, minus the restocking fees and shipping ect..

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