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Ive been looking at some ram and came across this listing which had the following description:

Here I present a single 2GB stick of OCZ DDR2 PC6400 800MHZ memory. Whilst my PC could boot up fine with this memory and it even passed mem test, I did have crashes in high intensity tasks such as gaming when using this memory. Switching to a different stick of memory did cure the problem so I can only assume there is some problem with this memory stick although the issue could just as likely be down to configuration e.g. voltage settings in the BIOS or just some kind of incompatibility with my PC, I haven’t been able to prove for definite one way or the other. So, this memory may work perfectly well in your system but also may not, I cannot offer any guarantees with this item so please bid accordingly.

Is the ram faulty or is it the guys computer??


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Just as the guy said, he doesn't know. I've seen enough problems over the years with motherboard & memory issues to last a life time. Normally when you get new memory sticks there is that chance you could have some DOA parts. Memtest86 can help scan for errors. Normally it's just a configuration issue with the motherboard bios timings and voltages. He did the right thing trying other sticks of memory until he got his system working. The only way to know if it is the ram faulty or is it the guys computer would be to have those sticks of memory for testings. Either way, I would not buy those sticks of memory just because they have been added into a questionable label of known problem parts.

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If he would be able to try the RAM/Memory on a different computer it would give a better idea of the problem. If it doesnt work any better on a different system, it is probably just a faulty stick of RAM/Memory. So pretty much, if it doesnt work any better on a different system, obviously I would not purchase it.

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Memory issues can be odd, just as you described. I've also had my share of them and you just have to swap the defective module for a new one.

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