RAID1 Drive Failure Predicted

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My Dell PERC 5/i RAID1 is telling me one of my drives had Failure and was off-line.

I removed/reinserted the drive and the Array started to automatically rebuild itself.

The drive now shows that it is on-line however "Failure Predicted".

I imagine the drive is about to die. I am doing a re-sync on it hopint that this "might" work.

If not and I need to replace my drive, do I have to find the same exact model drive or can I put in any larger drive (as long as speed/cache are same) and the RAID1 will rebuild it to the size of the original drive?

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You can put in anything as big or bigger and will have no problems.

If a rebuild shows "Failure Predicted" it indicates that the controller is seeing errors or behavior on the drive (heat buildup, excessive read or write errors,etc.) that makes it believe the drive is failing. In some cases, I recommend a little research and trying to bring the drive back to health, but figure that this is part of your active server volume and you should just replace it immediately. Worry about RMA or repair on the failing drive after the server volume is secured.

This is part of the reason I'm using FreeBSD 8 and ZFS softRAID for my serving needs now. No worry about disk sizes as data is replicated across the total disk structure rather than drive by drive, and a disk failure doesn't mean the end of the world!

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