Raid 0,1, and 5 questions.

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So i have my gaming lap top with a normal 500GB 7200RPM hard drive.. im planning on building my first high performance rig from the ground up and was wondering.. i know what raid 0 is and also 1.. but im not so much educated on raid 5. but ill get to the point. i was thinking about getting 3-4 7200RPM drives and putting them in raid 0 .. so my question is how much faster would load times be from one drive to 3-4 drives? and is it hard to set up a raid config if i have a gaming/high performance Mo-Bo? also would i be able to buy another drive (same storage as all 3-4 drives) and use it in like a raid 1 config? backing everyting up ? how would that work or is it not possible?

also i heard a little about raid 5 that says you need 3 or more drives and (from what i hurd) it gives you something like what raid 0 and 1 gives you put together. is this true? is it as fast and efficient as a raid 0?

anyways hope i dont sound like a babbling fool lol.

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