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Hey, just a random question.

I have a nforce 680i SLI mobo right now with space for two more DDR2 sticks. What are the top 3 or so best deals/types of memory i could put in there that would add up to about 4 gb? (2 gb per stick) In other words, for that type of memory, what have you guys had the best experience with?

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Id probaby go for a decent 800Mhz 4GB pack. Hard to find 1066Mhz and when you do its too expensive. I would do 2x2Gb sticks recommended with heat sink.

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I just recently upgraded from a 680i board and was using 4 GB (2x2 GB sticks) of G.Skill PI Black. They were 800Mhz. Take a look at G.Skill and Corsair for some great budget sets.

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the best company out there are probebly Crucial, but they don't come in cheap - they are VERY expencive!
i would look at Corsair for preformance and G.skill for both preformance and a good deal (g.skill and corsair are pretty much the same in terms of preformace, well actually they are exactly the same but corsair are a bit more expencive).

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