Questions: Runing 2 sets of F3-17600CL7D-4GBXHD together, thing to know?

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Nivis Tigridis
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I've stumble across of a other set of F3-17600CL7D-4GBXHD, I remember to been told that they could be hard to make them "stable" together at their full speed / latency.

I wanted to know what could I do/try if I have issues making them run together and if somebody have some concrete experience with this kind of setup I would like to see what was the "loss" to achieved it.

I'm well aware that there's a few wildcards in this kind of setups but I'm trying to have an idea to what I'm must expect.

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NB: Computer spec can be given if requested.

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If they are all the same modules, I don't see a problem. Your system setup would help.

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