Question about motherboard.

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I was looking at LGA 775 motherboards when I saw a notification on one of them saying that 800 FSB CPUs only support 800Mhz DDR3 RAM. Since it is basically impossible to find DDR3 800 memory, will my CPU not work at ALL with memory higher than 800Mhz? This puzzles me because no other motherboard on Newegg has this notification.

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i think you can put 1066mhz ddr3 ram in there but it will only work at 800 speed

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It will work but the memory will downclock it's frequency to 800MHz.

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Incorrect, the 2nd gen. Sandy Bridge CPUs only support upto 1333MHz. However, we've seen 1600MHz and above speed at the time.

Yes, the mobo will automatically downclock the speed to 800MHz, but if you go to the BIOS and manually change the speed that matches what your RAM stick says on the package it will work at that speed :)