q6600 overclocking bottleneck

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The Q6600 will likely lag in games that fully support the HD 7950, and I would route you more to the HD 7770 or 7750 as compatible hardware, or equivalent nVidia cores. Please remember that this is very software specific, and some programs are very graphics specific with low CPU usage, where such a build would work well, but in nature games tend to abuse the CPU.

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i already try a GTX680 on my Q6600 @ 4.05 ghz and for the price, i really don't know if i'm upgrading to an I5/I7 or a single GPU cause the 2 solutions gaves me the same price/performance ratio over a 4.05ghz overclock and a gtx560... (i keep the 560 and upgrade to a i5/i7 gain 15-20fps more and upgrade to a 680 gave me 15-20fps (avg cause the max is way up that !!) but it's bottleneck a lot... i check for deal and i will change soon to an i5/i7 config cause i know the CPU wouldn't handle upcoming games/programs... I'll keep this little beast but for a server or a HTPC cause i know it's the same performance as a 8 core AMD "bulldozer" and i can play all the games i want at pretty high settings... but only for now...

PS: i suggest to upgrade GPU and keep it for your next config or upgrade to a i5 if you already have a recent and decent GPU like me (i surely buy another 560 to SLI them)... The q6600 had great days but his life is next to the reaper, only a slash and that's it ;)

If you have anything from the 500 series or the HD5000-6000 series but in the mid-high range, i really suggest you to upgrade CPU/Mobo/Ram... (my friend have a i5 2500k @ 4.4ghz and have like 7-8 to 15fps more in dirt2 with the same GPU (ASUS GTX560DCII OC) and mine is clocked at 950mhz and he is running 850mhz stock settings !!!

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