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Is psu being used 100% of its power only when you use all the connections?

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No it is not.

How high your PSU usage is depends on your PSU (how strong it is) and your PC (how much power does it draw).
Also PC power draw varies depending on the load and there is no PSU with a 100% eficiency.

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I'll refer you to my vid:

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thanks, all i needed to know

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You really can't go wrong buying a PSU that has more power than your system needs. Most PSU have a range that they produce the best clean power with much less heat and preserve a longer running life-time. Normally that range is below about 80% of the total watts. Best part is these power supplies today only use what the system demands of it. So a 1000watt PSU might only use 300watts or around 2.5~3.5amps.

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