psu for my 965 processor , 8 gb of ram single hdd and his 7850 2gb ?

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first off hi everyone this is my first post here . i need a reliable unit that will last for years .

are the cheaper psu's ok to use for gaming and long component life?

any recommendations for a college student on a budget?

mobo :gigabyte ga 990 fx am3+

hdd :western digital 250 gb

ram :corsair vengance ram

gpu :his 7850 2 gb

cpu :amd phenom 2 965 b.e.

power supply ?

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Any good 600 watt would work just fine and have some room to grow with higher end cards later. Corsair, PC Power and Cooling, Seasonic, and so on. None of those crappy $50 and less PSU's.

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Yea, brand name 600W PSU should be fine. Check out my video:

Rodney Reynolds,

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thanks guys

im subcribed and saw your video it was very helpful and informative

im glad that you responded in video form , that was so cool

kinda made me feel like a rockstars friend or something

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Just goes with a Bestec! Seriously though Newegg has a Corsair for 69.99. Just never buy a cheap power supply you'll regret it.

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