PSU for GTx 260 Need Help!!!

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hey im kinda new to all this.. and i need some help working out wat PSU to get for my PC


Motherboard:Msi g31m3-l V2.0
Cpu: intel Dual Core Pentium e6300
Ram: 2x 2gb G.Skill-PQ
Hard Drive: WD SATA 320GB
DVD: Sata Dual layer DVD drive

and soon a GTX 260

I live in Australia and there is a place called MSY.. they are pretty much the cheapest in my area.. so i want to get a it from them... can any one please maybe check out there website  ( the PSU's are on the second page on the right hand side) and maybe tell me what would be a good PSU to get.. and i dnt want to spend to much.. so no more then around $120 many $135


Thank You any help will be appreciated

just some iv narrowed it down to

Coolermaster Gx Power 550

Thermaltake LitePower 600/700

Seasonic M12-II 80plus Bronze 520

AeroCool E85-550 /700

Asus P-55GA

AeroCool 80Plus V12-600

AeroCool E78-730

ventec ION2+ 600

Corsair vx 550

Antec EarthWatts 650

Antec TP 550w

if they all work.. wat one would be best from its price?

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Regardless of price, I would recommend the Corsair or either of the Antec PSU's. The EarthWatts might make you feel a little better inside because it is more environmentally friendly but it may cost a tiny bit more. 

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ok.. thank you for ur help :)

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My parrents pc that i build for them uses a XFX GTX260 BE video card with a core i5 chip and 6gb of DDR3 memory, 1tb hard drive and two dvd burners. I installed a Corsair HX 750 PSU and runs just fine. I like Corsair because of their build qaulity and great warranty. Corsair, Antec or Enermax will do just fine, i recommend 700 Watts or more but 600 Watts would probably work depending on the rest of your components.