PS3 Blu-ray Adapter?

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I have a busted PS3 that was given to me, with a badly burned mainboard. The disc drive and hard drive survived (I've already transferred the files on the hard drive over to the owner's new unit), but there is a game disc in the blu-ray drive that I cannot remove without dissasembling the drive itself, and I've been asked to not take it apart. Unfortunately, while I can power the drive, I can't trigger the eject function as the drive does not have a hard trigger at all.

I have had IN MY HANDS an cable adapter (strip-pinout to IDE 40-pin male block connector) that, connected to a USB PATA adapter, worked in triggering the drive to function on a PC. However, this was made by a local company that has since gone out of business. I need to see if someone else has made a similar cable.

If this can't be found, I'll strip the drive (which devalues it as a spare part for resale) to get the $60 game. I've already suggested that this will be the best way to go as the drive is only worth what the game is, but... If the cable is out there, it isn't coming out of my pocket, and if the client wants to wait, then so do I.

Any ideas?

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