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Hey guys, what's up?

So, someone's selling me his old rig. He's not needing it anymore cause he's going to college or anywhere soon and he wants a laptop instead of a desktop. So am I, I'm going away soon, but atm, i just wanna play some of the latest games like MW3 and BF. My current old pc isn't capable of letting me play this game.

Anyways, I would like the know the price of :
Intel i7 920
HD 4890 (GIGABYTE i think)

Note that all these are 2nd hand products. So, how much are these items cost? I don't wanna get ripped off.


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compare prices from ebay and craigslist. Im sure that will get you a head start.

You could still get something for those even though those products are 3 years old. I think you could get away with at least $350 for all.

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I don't know what case those parts are in but it doesn't really matter, with those specs, I would pay $400 at best. All the hardware is outdated (not that old but still) and you need at least 4GB of memory to run your pc smoothly assuming Windows 7 is or will be on it. At least the system should be overclockable with a proper cooler. You can Ebay all the parts on that list (they should be there somewhere) for an accurate going rate on them if your really need. With that vid card, you can play games on Medium settings without much problem. Some older games you can tackle high settings on.

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