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Hello ladies & gentlemen...


Intel Q6600 @ stock under Gelid Tranquillo

4gb ddr3 Corsair Dominator 2x2gb 1600mhz

Gtx 295 @ stock

OCZ core 30gb ssd

4x 12cm fan's

My Q is will thee following psu power this? cooler master real power 700w as i will be useing this for [email protected]..

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Very power hungry CPU and GPU you have there. That may run it for a while, but it will pop it eventually. Those PSU's are not meant for running hardware as high end (at the time) and power sucking as what you have. The GTX295 especially. In those days, you wanted a top end 800 watt or better in a gaming machine. Even more so in a folding box that will be running 100% for hours on end.

That 295, just so you know will pull 50 amps alone! The CM PSU has four 12v rails with 19 amps each. Depending how it's wired, it might fry instantly.

Old review - http://www.guru3d.com/article/geforce-gtx-295-review-bfg/5

So, get a really good single rail 800 watt PSU like a TX series from Corsair. AX would be best. Remember, this was supper high end and where expected to go in machines with top shelf hardware. You STILL need that as far as PSU is concerned.

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I have a 1000w to run a similar config... (had a antec NeoHE 500w before and it still run strong but not enough powerfull to power a single 560 and my overclock with this config)

So 24/7 100% usage for some years in folding will require some monster PSU to be sure to not fry any component cause a 295 consume 46 Amps on a single 12V rail so ensure you have juice for it too perform long enough to enjoy it... PSU degrade with times as the capacitor loss maybe 5-10% per years of efficacity and that maybe a lot faster if it's 24/7 at his max power rating...

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