Power Supply Fan Running at Max Speed

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So I have a problem with power supplies and their fans running at their highest possible R.P.M. for no apparent reason. I have tried different power supplies with higher and lower wattage, all behave the same upon bootup. Each power supply works fine in other computers as well as when jump started.

Please note, this is should not be heat related or dust related because I've tried new power supplies and they aren't running hot.

Any suggestions?

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What specs or brands of power supply, motherboard and case? The PSU's fan speed is controlled by a controller within the PSU, not something you can control. It would have to be heat related, or in rare instances motherboard related if some possible oddity would confuse the PSU into running at full speed. Another possible issues could be that your system is pulling more power from the PSU than is normal and thus the PSU is overloaded and running extra hot, thus faster fan speed.

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