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I looking for a pocket camcorder and i noticed that sony had released 3 different pocket camcorders called Bloggie. They consist of: Bloggie Duo, Bloggie Touch and bloggie full 3d hd. I'm not sure which one to get.. I'm looking for one in terms of quality of the recording and images. The duo has a front and back, the 3d can record in 3d, but i did a little research and apparently the bloggie touch portrait recording turns out thin with big black blocks on the sides... i am very confused in which one to get




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The Bloggie cameras tend to fall in really close with the Kodak Z-series pocket cams. I use a Zi8 for filming for my Youtube channel, and overall the video is good, given that there is enough light. As light levels drop, these pocket cams generate noise like nothing you have ever seen.

The Duo and Touch are essentially the same optics with a different control schematic, so it just depends on what you want in how you control the camera. The 3D HD is the different guy, with wider optics (better low light performance), plus two lenses for 3D filming. The catch is that rather than filming 1920x1080i with inverted frames (one for the left eye, and one for the right), the camera instead films 960x1080 with two images, filling the 1920x1080 frame, and you will sacrifice video quality here as you literally are only getting half of the image. This is unfortunately an effect of the processor used to encode the video... it can't process more than 1920x1080 smoothly, so they limited the 3D video.

Remember that pocket cams will use an aggressive (lossy) MP4 encoding, so compared to a full HD camcorder, it won't be quite as clear. However, I produce 720P videos (final downsampling from Sony Vegas) from my camera, and overall they are clear and bright with good detail. If you do need high quality HD, step up to a palm camcorder (there are many that work well on Class 6/10 SDHC cards) and you will see a big difference in video.

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