please help choosing a new video card

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hello guys i want to upgrade my old gtx 285,if u guys can give a good replacement for it, i usually play high performance gaming like crysis or so,my resolution right now is 1920*1080 with a hdmi cable to a 40" TV i have a x58 platform, then doesn't matter to me if the video card is from Nvidea or Amd, my budget is 500 usd.
Thanks in advance and thanks for your time.

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If your budget is that high then it just comes down with personal preference. I would personally go with ATI.

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look for the best card and maybe CF or SLI them. CF has a better increase of performance now, so it is on pair whit Nvidia's SLI.

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I think 2 ati 6950 crossfire would be the most performance for $500. If you get reference 2gb cards and do some research you can unlock them to 6970s but I wouldn't. They should be plenty powerful without unlock.
One 6950 would even be good at that resolution. You could try one first and see if its enough.

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i have a 5770 amd video card and i dont want to have a bottleneck and want to upgrade to a amd 6000 series this is my setup
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Thanks very much guys, i appreciated then so i am switching to the red team, with a 6950 or 6970.

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@3dgamemandrew, hold on to your money until AMD releases their new AMD Radeon HD 7000 series of video cards around third quarter of 2011.

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well, i can speak for AMD video cards. more then i can speak for Nvidia cards.

but its just what you really want and what you want to pay, i cant anything bad about the two GPU`s.

but i can give you my option about AMD video cards, because i use them.

if you really plan on spending 500.00 get SLI or crossfire set up. dont go for one card.

but your running X58 chip so get SLI set up cards.
there are alot of cards out there, just price watch and spec review. and read what the others are saying about the card your lookin at.

to me running SLI or Crossfire, is a some what better performance, not by much, thou.

if your spending 500.00 check out the, by that time, you could save up enuff fund-age to go for a 590 card or 6990 from AMD, due to price drops...

ZOTAC models 550 TI or even the 560 TI
can pick those up for around 150.00 to 200 range. pack em in SLI
and save ya a few bucks.
instead of getting one video card, and drop-in 500.00 on just one card.
sure one card is good, but if you plan on upgrading with a new card later on, the grab one 200.00 and safe the rest for a new card when it drops on the market.

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i can see a small bottle neck in that build. its the mother board.
its just a small bottle neck thou.
its really in the chip set, the 770

if your lookin to upgrade the board, and have a more open bottle neck, one that would boost the rating of your system go to a 790FX or even the 890FX. boards.

seem mother boards are getting cheaper. due to the new Bulldozer core thats getting ready to come out in 2012. and with the new chip sets that due out next year sometime.

so upgrading to a low cost board, in the 890FX chip set, would be a sweet deal, but if your like me, go for the gold, Asus Crosshair IV formula. 229.99.

or if you on a more budget build system. then grab up the
ASRock 890FX Deluxe4 AM3 AMD 890FX

anyone of those three boards are around 150.00.

but would help with the over all rating of the system, plus give you a edge on the new bulldozer core. with a bios up date. for the core. most board willbe able to run the new CPU, from the talks at AMD.. but we shall see, more on the talks when the CPU does come to the market.