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Any phones you guys looking forward to? What phones do you currently have? I have some poser blackberry but looking to upgrade in the future. I waiting for the windows 8 phone. My brother has the lumia 900 and i was really digging it.

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The Samsung S3 is sweet. I've played with Windows 8 phones, not that impressed. Android baby!

Rodney Reynolds,

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looking towards to a "HTC One S" to replace my "LG Optimus one" as the "one" is really a cheap phone and someone want to buy it (i think he's the only one to want a phone like that now so as it runs android fines but don't expect to game or browse web on that...)

Really like Android device over "apple" or windows phone, the responsiveness of it and the apps for android are just too much compare to the windows phone and the apple is tracking everyone where in android you can clean your cache, browse in incognito mode with chrome, sync chrome favs and all that with no crash or problem like in Facebook app or E-mail apps (the included Mail client in my phone is like "outlook", it opens any mails client (hotmail, g-mail, cgocable, videotron for me)

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I'm still hooked to my unlocked Google Galaxy Nexus. The twin core 1.2Ghz Samsung Exynos processor coupled with RAW ANDROID (I got Jelly Bean before you, nghaaa!) just hasn't disappointed. Plus, that HD screen rocks!

The Galaxy S3 is a beefed up version of this, but (sorry, Rod) you're waiting on the carrier for your builds.

I'm waiting for the next Nexus build before I upgrade. It'll be (by rumor, anyway) packing a quad core 1.5Ghz nVidia CPU (Samsung isn't making this one, it seems) and will be up to a 4.95" AMOLED screen size, full HD (1980x1080). Wow! And it will maintain the thinness the Galaxy Nexus had.

Nick McDermott - 3dGM Admin

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Android devices all the way... especially those from Samsung. I still currently own a Samsung Galaxy SII and i'm not tired of it as yet. My new device im looking forward to has to be the Galaxy Note II, Best android device and phone to own when it is released for sale.

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Anybody manage to nab an iPhone 5 yet? Bigger screen (which I've had for years on Android), 4g and a beefier processor (which I've also managed to have for years on Android), I just want to see how it stacks up now that Apple isn't being lazy anymore.

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Android all the way!!

Well the hype right now is the Iphone 5 but I'm currently rocking a HTC Evo 4G. I know its old but it works perfectly for me. But I am looking forward to the next google phone. The one that succeeds the Galaxy Nexus.

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I'm waiting for that crazy ass Win8 phone Samsung showed off a few weeks ago that smokes the SGS3. Looks like they are making a strong push for Win8 phone with that piece of hardware.

Manic Mouse
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I have a samsung Galaxy S2 (HD LTE). I prefer it over the S3 simply because of the size factor and it is prettier. S3s may be faster and have slightly bigger screens, but they are overall big beasties that are not not as pocket-friendly. Plus the choice over white or blue ... yuck! Some folks like that, but it just ain't my thing.

Nope. <3 my S2!!

Mark Baker

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Still sticking to the iPhone. To me it didn't really matter. It's just a normal phone, so long as I can call, sms, surf the net, play music, use certain applications, it's good.
Personally I have yet to try out the Samsung phones for a full day to understand how the Android OS works, so for that I can't make comparisons and judgments on it.

I just don't understand why the world (especially on YouTube) tons of immature adults behaving like deprived 12-year old whiners keep hating and whining "iPhone sucks" "Samsung sucks" etc etc. What would they achieve if they force someone to get a particular brand? Do they earn some commission of sorts? I doubt so. It just feel like elementary school all over again.

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I got the Iphone 4S right now, and after the release of Iphone 5 i decided NOT to buy it. I must admit i like
the Iphones and the first one i had was the 3G, Then 3GS and so on and so forth i have upgraded after a new
release from apple, but imo Apple have become greedy, sloppy and not very innovative.

SOOOOO, to answer your question, i am thinking of getting a "Samsung Galaxy S Note 2" just to go a whole other
direction. ;)