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While playing GTA 4 my gpu is avearge on 50% usage while my cpu 100%.

The problem is : Because the ram is to little,does it uses the cpu more than 4 Gb of ram would ? Is there any other way to bring the Gpu usage as close as possible to Cpu usage than overclocking the cpu ?

My specs are:
Zeppelin 1333Mhz 2Gb ddr3
I5 760 @ 2.80 Ghz (turbo boost is overclocking the cpu to 3.30 Ghz)
HD 5870 @ Stock

I know , I know... 2 gb is too little for such a pc, but I can't afford more right now.

CPU: I5-760 @3.4 Ghz | MoBo: Msi H55M-p31
GPU: 5870 Sapphire | Ram: 8 Gb @1333Mhz
Case&PSU: Antec Sonata 3-500W | OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 64
Cooler: Deepcool Icefrige mini FS| Monitor: 23.7' LG Flatron W2443T 1080p LCD

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GTA4 in particular is more CPU taxing than it is GPU intensive. But certainly your bottleneck there is your RAM. 4GB would definitely help.