PC stutters sometimes while gaming and listening to music

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Hi everybody, I've been having a problem with my computer for the last couple of months; whenever I am playing a game, watching a video, or playing some music, about every hour my computer stutters for a couple of seconds and then is fine until it happens again in another hour. It's not really a huge problem but it gets annoying.

At first I thought it was due to my hard drive being slow so I moved some music to my SSDs and disconnected my HDD the problem still persisted. My next thought was that I didn't have enough space set aside for my paging file (which was on my HDD) so I moved that over to my SSD and allocated 8GB of space which I thought was plenty considering I have 16GB of physical RAM. This did not work either. Next I tested if it was one of my RAM slots because I had problems with one of them before (It just turned out to be a bent pin on my cpu socket and is now fixed). To do this I just used one stick of RAM and tested it in every slot, every time the stuttering still occurred. Finally I have tried using just one graphics card in each of my pci 16x slots and the problem was still there. For all of the methods listed above I downclocked my CPU, GPUs and RAM.

Sorry for the long post but I'm stumped here, as far as I know I've tried everything. If any one of you guys has any ideas I would greatly appreciate it, thanks.

Here's my rig:
-CPU:i7-2600k @ 4.4
-RAM:4x4GB 2133 MHz Mushkin redline
-MOBO: Gigabyte p67A-UD7
-GFX: 2 TwinFrozr III 580gtx lightings in SLI
-PSU: Corsair AX1200
-OS Drive: 2 64GB corsair SSDs in RAID0
-Storage Drive: 2TB WD Green

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Sounds like a program that's running in the backgrounds maybe causing the stuttering. Try running the PC barebone with just the apps you really need, your games, and music. See if it stutters than. I've had this problem before a very long time ago. I know it was software related but I just don't know what program or driver caused it. You may want to also hold up on installing an antivirus program till you find out what's wrong as well. Sometimes antivirus programs do strange lil things to a pc. Well, that's my 2 thoughts. Either wipe and do a clean install with minimal programs (bare essentials) or don't wipe and just uninstall any program u deem not truly needed, this includes things hooked into your pc that may need extra drivers to run. I don't think your hardware is the problem barring a defect but I think you pretty much ruled that out already. Good Luck!

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