Pc restarting problem. Looking for some help

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Hi guys im looking for some advice on things to try in my system. Since being built it started cutting off, but only when it was during the 3dmark benchmark, on the demo of icestorm. Just black screen, system off and restart.

Before i go any further, here is the system specs

Core i7 950 3.06ghz (not overclocked)
Palit Gtx 770 Jetstream 2gb Edition (Base Clock 1150MHz/Boost Clock 1202MHz / 3505 MHz (DDR 7010 MHz)
Asus p6x58d-e
12gb Exceleram 1600mhz (3x4gb sticks)
600w evga bronze 80plus psu
Liteon ihas 124b
coolermaster tx3 cooler
4 120mm fans
1 usb wifi n tp link adapter
1 wifi keyboard and mouse adapter

I have tried several things ive read online and with help from some nice people.

Heaven benchmark = pass
Valley benchmark = pass
3dmark icestorm = FAIL PC RESTARTS
Memtest = Several hours and no errors
Intel burn in test on 20 pass = No pc crash or reboot
Occt = PC goes to black screen but does not crash
Bluescreen viewer = Found no logs for it
Updated bios driver
Updated windows
updated direct x
updated nvidia driver
Tried older nvidia driver
Tried windows 7 / 8 / 8.1
Downclocked the card to stock speeds
gpuz logs, no errors
Chanced ram to x.m.p = tried slowing it down / speeding it up, lowering qpi voltage and upping dram voltage (then back to reset memory voltages)
Tried a multimeter in the psu whilst testing, solid 5v and 12v rails, no heavy flux or dips (made video of these)
Tried a crappy ati 3470 in the system, fired through the 3dmark benchmark no bother, no system crash
tried it with 1 mem stick
tried with 2 mem stics

Tried my GTX 770 in my mates pc / his spec
amd 8350 8 core 4.2ghz
8gb ddr3
1tb seagate
liteon ihas
r9 270x

My gtx 770 benchmarked fine in 3d mark passed with flying colors, his r9 270 passed on the same test in mines

So the pc crashes in that benchmark. But i attempted to play assassins creed 4 and it was fine for 4 hours or so, went to play today and crash restart like before, no blue screen nothing.

So i cant play any games, as stressing this seems to do this to it. I feel like ive been through eveything i can possibly think of. And my missus is pretty annoyed ive spent all this money and its not working as it should.

I thank anyone who has read this and if you can help me ill gladly take the time to try anything you can think off.

Thanks you

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it may be your psu

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Hi mate the psu seems fine in my PC when my mates graphics card and the spare one I have is in the PC it only does it with the gtx 770 which is weird, could it not be providing Enuff amps

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Seems like you did most of the work in testing. I would have said video card but it works in another computer. After that I would be looking at the Memory, but you said no change with 1 or 2 sticks. Now that leaves us with the motherboard, CPU, PSU and OS.

A bad PSU can do hard reboots like this when stressed.

A bad motherboard is a little more tricky to figure out.

A overclocked CPU will crash with hard reboots. Some motherboards will have Automatic overclocking features, like AI tuner. Go into Bios and Turn off those Auto Overclocking features and set the CPU to use a fixed default speed.

If your friend will let you, try his PSU in your PC and give him a few beers, if it still crashes then it boils down to motherboard, CPU and OS.

A Bad OS will crash, mostly with blue screens though, but I've seen some anti virus programs do this as well, but I'd also start looking at any HDD's or SSD's.

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Well os has had 3- 4 installs and 2 different hard drives. Ai tuner turned off and all overclocking i even downclocked the gpu as well. Still same issue.

Mates gonna let me try his psu this weekend and hopefully i can narrow this down

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well mate was over with his pc, and decided to try everything again before we ripped out the psu. So first thing we tried. Was his dual channel 1600mhz mushkin ram. Pc passed the test first time, had it set on xmp, 9-9-9-9-24 with 1.50v

Tried my ram in dual channel same settings, worked first time, tried triple channel, crashed. Dropped the triple channel to 1333mhz, because the missus noticed on the manual it says it supports 1066,1333,2000 o.c, so once i dropped it.

Problem solved. Thats rather odd after trying changing voltages and such, and no go, even with 1 stick, some setting must have been changed.

So i guess this solved the benchmarking crash. tried it 3 times to be sure, but its weird the 1600mhz profile works on dual channel sticks but not tripple. Very odd

either way happy bunny

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I would bump that voltage to 1.65v and then try it on 1333. ASUS motherboards have had issues like this. I had the same problem.

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I guess what spins me for a loop is that it crashed with only one stick of memory. Same problem here as well. We ended up returning the memory for another brand and even still we had to drop down the running speeds. X58 chipset is a tricky memory setup to get stable. Perhaps a little more voltage might help or maybe a bios update could fix this, but overall lowering the memory running speed is probably alot more easy in the end.

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Sometimes it seems like we have gotten so complex that little things like this shouldn't ever happen. The day the hardware diagnoses and fixes itself... I so crave and yet entirely fear.

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Maybe the PSU just cannot take the certain range of the voltage but the PSU is working ok on other system.

Besides the PSU, I would suggest we install the latest mobo chipset driver since this is very easy to be oversighted.
After installing the latest chipset driver, must reboot the PC for the new driver to take effect. Then also reinstall the other drivers as well.

The new chpset driver can help to maintain a better system integrity.

Hope this helps.
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Hope this helps.

Tech Manager - WPTinc.