Notebook CPU frequency

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I have a AMD Sempron M120 on my notebook which normally varies between 800 mhz, 1.3 Ghz, 2.1 Ghz. He considers some operations "simple" and thinks he could run them at 800-1.3 but in reality that poor single core runs them quite slow so i've set it from AMD Catalyst to run always at 2.1 Ghz and things been good for a while but now, quite often he locks at 800 Mhz. Few restarts and it seems that he can work normally at whatever i set him on Catalyst and i've made 3 Windows 7 reinstalls since then.

I'm really curious why this happens. How can i prevent it to lock itself again at 800 mhz?

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It's probably some sort of power saving problem in windows. It can also be Adobe Flash when you have a browser open, known bug locks the speeds, easy fix to disable hardware acceleration in flash options. You might also need to use a notebook cooler. And clean the Laptop with an air pressure hose to remove any buildup of dust or lint inside the fans and heatsinks.

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