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So my 6970 is not showing any picture. I have no idea why so i'll go into the story of me mounting my gpu waterblock.

So I started to mount my gpu waterblock, and during this process I ran into some issues, it being a second hand waterblock.

I do not have 1 screw going though the gpu to the block, I also had to use personal screws to attach them together.

After I got it together I put it in my PC case and did the testing of my loop, during testing I discovered the there was a leak in one of my O-rings on the GPU so I started to use a pair or pilers (the non-cutting type) to try and screw it in tighter but that did not work.

I may have put a lot of rotational stress on the gpu while this was happening. But as it was in the PCI-E slot nothing should have happened. Also the card was flooded during this because of the leak, but as my 24pin and GPU connector was no connected at this point it should have been fine. (Bear in mind the 4 pin north bridge power supply was still plugged in.)

So after 2 days of waiting for more coolant and a new fitting to come I drained the system and re-filled it with new coolant.

I have let all the bubbles out and was getting happy (ofc) that my PC was about to work. But then the GPU shows no picture. I dont know why. The POST is fine, 1 beep and there are no issues while its posting the gpu.

I have no-onboard graphics.

Crosshair IV mobo so I have a led style bios.

The GPU is XFX 6970 2GB.

All help will be appreciated!

Extra info can be provided on request.


Alright I took the card out and the block off. There is NO visible damage to the card.

Im starting to wonder if I missed a step during installation.

Is there a blank for the gpu fan connector or something to fool the card into thinking a fan is running?


Forgot to mention that I tried an old gpu and it worked. (Old nvidia gpu one of the ones with 4 numbers )



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