New PC, what do you think?

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Hello guys, last year I got a Q8300, 4GB DDR3, HD4850. Seagate HD 500GB and for me was very good, but i unfortunately i had to sold.

Im planning to buy a computer from a brand (like Dell, HP) and I will use for gaming and video/image editing...

I will not buy the parts and build by myself cause i don't want headache/problems, I was thinking if this Dell is enough:

Dell Studio XPS 9000

Intel i7 860, Memory 6GB DDR3, HD 500GB, ATI Radeon HD5770

Ill just use this PC for 2 years


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personally i think that 6gb of ddr3 is overkill you only need four and in the future you can add another 2gb. the 5770 might not be good enough for 2 years i bought a 5770 because the 5850 went up £60 and was out of stock everywhere but i am upgrading in about a year when the 6000 series is out.

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