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ok i have a qustion for a new build ,i have bought a Asus X79 Motherboard and let's say i want to install a Corsair Dominator platinum 8 gb DD3 duel channel kit to the motherboard ,even though the motherboard supports quad channel ,would i be able to add another 8GB kit in the future and make it 16gb and would it work even though the kit says duel channel and not quad channel or do you have to by a specific ram of the get go from the begining ?

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It'll be better to have a quad kit as even if you buy another dual channel kit from the same brand, the identical model, the fabrication date will differ and they will not be certified to work correctly all the 4... That can cause BSOD, fail to start, lower speed/Cas latency, etc...

A dual channel kit will work in dual channel on a X79 and a triple channel will work as a triple too as long as you place them in the slots specified in the motherboard instrucion... (you'll not have the quad channel speed however a dual channel of 2133 like mine still pulls 31gb/s (with a 3770k 4.83ghz) of data so it's not a big deal

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If I were you, I'd purchase two quad channel kits @ $25 less than the Dom Plats.

2x 16 GB Quad Corsair Vengeance - $210


2x 16 GB Dual Channel Corsair Dominator Platinum - $260

The first option is cheaper, yes?

There is no statistically relevant difference between the Dom Plat and the Vengeance. People who purchase Dominator Platinums do it because they like loading 1/25th of a second faster.

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