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Thing of possibly getting a new mouse. My question is, should I go with a wired mouse, or is there any good wireless mice for gaming? I have read that wireless isn't that great for gaming due to slow response times, but I like the idea of having a wireless mouse

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in wireless, i think there's the Razer mamba and the logitech g700 that came out of all (had a mamba and it's a really great mice undo mines last a year or two and has a connection problem in the last times...)

i was thinking about the g700 but finally, mainly for budget (60 bucks here in canada) i'd choose a CM storm sentinel advance and i really recommends it to you (but it's not wireless)

PS: The g700 is 95$ and the mamba 115$ at my local retailler... I personnaly prefer wired mice over wireless mainly cause i had problem with interference with my logitech mx revolution and my mamba so i think it's coming from my setup and/or router, i don't know but sometimes that was ok and other time i'd experience "cursor lag" like if my computer was complettely out of ressources...

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ready there not much if any lag on wireless i have a logitech performance mx and i dont get any lag compared to a wired. though there are lot more wired gaming mice than wireless gaming mice

wireless mice

logitech performance mx
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There may not be much difference these days between wired and wireless gaming mice/keyboards but hardcore gamers swear by wired peripherals because in the heat of the moment, any amount of lag can mean the difference between life and death. Additionally, with wired products there is no need for changing batteries and charging.